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Help Sat Nav will not speak directions


Aug 9, 2012
Hi Folks

Bit new to all this so be gentle with me....

Plugged my Galaxy Note into my computer for the first time and loaded Kies onto pc etc..etc.

All seemed fine since doing this except appearance of home page was slightly different (this isn't the problem)!

Today I have tried to use the standard sat nav that the phone came with (google maps) and having typed in the address detail the following message is displayed:

Voice Guidance
For voice-guided navigation, you need to install text-to-speech support from the android market.
skip install

When I click to install i am then presented with the following message:

Manage Google Text-to -speech voice directions
Download this data to support speech synthesis on your device
No Downloadable voices.

The phone was supplied by Orange T Mobile and the sat nav worked fine until I plugged it into my pc and I am now presented with this problem.

Can anyone please help as this feature is pretty much the main reason that I chose the phone.

I don't know the Google one. But I can recommend 'Sygic' app from the store. It uses TomTom maps and works fine.

Ooooh, can you get all the TomTom voices? Brian Blessed recorded for them and I would love that.

Edit: Via their support the question is answered. They do not currently support custom voices and have no immediate plans to implement them.
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