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Scratch on my screen, isnt it like gorilla glass?


Aug 3, 2010
so i have this one spot on my screen that wont go away its a small sliver and it really shows up when the screen has something white i tried windex and other stuff to see if it was just a spot and it didnt go away so im assuming its a scratch

isnt the screen like scratchproof?
These threads are always so confusing because half of the people say "I never used a screen protector and I dropped my phone out of a moving car and didn't get a single scratch!!" and then the other half say "I sneezed on my phone and now the screen has 100 scratches!!"

I was going to go without a screen protector on the Bionic when I get it, but my past 2 droids have been protected by Zagg Z-Shield. The Texture takes some getting used to but I've never had a scratch on my phone. I worry that I will scratch my bionic :(
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Just out of sheer luck, try cleaning it with a good eyeglass cleaner. I had a fella come in my office and said he scratched his brand new glasses after getting into a spider web and freaking out, dropping the glasses on concrete. He brought them in and they sure looked mighty scratched(even to me...been doing this for 20+ years).
Since there was still some cobwebs visible on the frame, I decided to try cleaning them. Let me tell you, the cobweb strands stuck like super glue! I cleaned and cleaned on them and all the "scratches" came off. They were just cobweb strands. Craziest thing I've ever seen.
Maybe, just maybe.....

Doubtful, but you never know.
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I use zagg invisible shield and it has held up great. I'm one of those idiots that forgets his phone is in his shirt pocket and the thing just keeps falling out everytime he bends over. My last incident, the shield got torn and rip halfway across the screen and I thought for sure that the screen was toast. Took the protector off and nothing. I'll keep using zagg invisible shield
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