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SCREEN and PHONE IDLE Eating Up Battery


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Apr 13, 2020
Battery Usage way up. SCREEN and PHONE IDLE combined (20% and 12% respectively) draining 1/3 of battery. Why is SCREEN so high when I turn off the screen when not using phone? And what is IDLE doing using that is uses so much battery?
Phone: LG K20
It will be much easier to interpret these numbers if you provide a bit more context: how long since the phone was unplugged from the charger and how much of that time was the screen on for? To me 20% of usage by the screen sounds low, which suggests that you've not used the phone much and it spends most of its time on standby (which also means that you'd expect standby usage to be significant).

The screen is really the most power-hungry item in any phone, so high % of power being used by the screen is normal. If I use a 3rd party battery monitor on my phone (because the battery information in Settings on a Pixel 2 running Android 11 is frankly useless) it tells me that my screen is responsible for 67% of my power usage on this charge cycle. Though as different apps (including the manufacturer's own battery monitoring) may use different ways of calculating these things the answer can depend on which app you use.

(As for my phone's Battery settings, Google are actually worse than Apple these days at telling you things like what actually uses the battery. I think they really want you to not think about what's going on on your phone, just trust them and turn your brain off - which, given their business model, is perhaps not surprising).
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