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Screen Black Voice says Screen off Ringer mute

So the other day i opened an app that allows you to edit code for apps either you are creating or already have on your phone/computer. Whilst going through the settings I hit to change my theme from light to dark and i accidently hit the black theme and my whole screen went black and everytime i try to undo it through the use of a mouse on my phone the accessibility voice keeps telling me what my lock screen says how to unlock the screen and once i accomplish the unlock she repeats screen off ringer mute. like she is programed to not let me access my phone or something. its really irritating because it was my only means to communicate with my family about how my mother who is in the hospital is diong as i was just let go from my job and dont have the money to go where she is and stay or drive there daily to see her. I know it was remotely accessed right before this accident I thought i caused but the longer i deal with it the less i think it could be. i reached out to the developer of the app and have had no response. I tried factory resetting the phone thinking it would go back to normal but all it did was remove access to my accounts which i discovered when i opened my list of devices on Google. So maybe it didnt reset, but it did something to remove my accounts from the phone. ALL of them. Its been a few days now i am still phone less and now very worried about my mother and sure my family is of me as well. I would email them but know none of their email accounts.
If it is that much of an emergency, borrow someone else's phone to let family know what happened.

Go get a cheap burner phone from Wal-Mart- we are talking like $40-$50 here.
Yes, that is money when you have no job, but I have done it multiple times.

Use Dingtone or similar app to get a free phone number and free credits to use it with.
Call your carrier and have your cell number forwarded to your Dingtone number.
Use public Wi-Fi if you need to to use Dingtone.
Wi-Fi is free at most fast food places, Wal-Mart, the library, laundromats, etc.

I have had Dingtone for years, and use it as a separate line.
Doesn't matter if I have cellular service or not, I can still text and make calls as long as I can latch onto some Wi-Fi.

If I have cellular service, then Dingtone can work with that, too.
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you might have just enable accessibility some how. can you go into settings? if so you need to navigate to accessibility to turn it off. it might be called Talk Back on your phone. also you should be able to do a hard reset of the phone. keep in mind that this will trip FRP(Factory Reset Protection) so make sure you know your google account info before doing so. if you trip FRP and do not know the correct password used, you will be screwed as bypassing it is a bit tricky. a hard reset is usually a combo of power and volume buttons.

keep in mind this will delete data, you can try using samsung smart switch to backup your data
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I can't navigate anywhere within seconds it's says screen off ringer mute every time I try. I tried hard reset but all it does is turn it off then back on. I thought I hard reset it once but all it did was remove my accounts. Tried gaining access through Samsung find my phone thing too and it's been disconnected as well.
I literally paid my rent so I would have a roof for at least another month and my bank account said 33.00 in it. Tried getting a tracphone for 19.00 but it requires service for the price of the lowest plan with taxes would leave me with 1.02. states from food card plan is backed up and said I won't get a response from a real person until at least Tuesday and the bus card to get to the store to buy the phone and plan costs $1.25 round trip. What seems like an easy option to you is not a possibility of one from r me at this time. My A10e is my onky
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I am not on it yet. My interview is in the morning to do the paper work and make sure I qualify. But once they see that I do I will be applying for a government phone. Update on the phone problem at hand though; Screen hasn't come on yet, and the voice quit talking to me. Pretty sure the phone is off and died, but when I plug in the charger I don't even get the charging notification. Tried holding the power and volume up buttons to initiate a factory reset through recovery mode but still no screen or vibration.
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Try a different charging cord.

Back to the assistance, you only have to qualify for assistance- not actually receive it.

A copy of a tax return will suffice.

So long as income is at or below ~130% of "poverty level" you will get a free phone and service.

Some of the companies differ, but generally the first phone is free.

The recent changes in the program means that at least for me the cellular service is not great (it used to be) but so long as I can find some Wi-Fi I do well.
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