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Help Screen issue...not working/wont turn on at times


Nov 17, 2009
Been having issues with my Droid 2 for several weeks now. Sometimes the screen will not respond at all to touch, I have to plug it in the charger or even take out the battery to get it back to life. Sometimes I open the keyboard a few times and this gets it to work. Tonight my wife was calling me about our daughter, I heard the ringing but the screen would not turn on to answer the call. I hit the power button, held it in, hit the screen, opened the keyboard, etc....nothing. Phone never went on, had to take out the battery again and reboot. This is happening way too often. Anyone else have these issues or know how to fix it? I got this Droid 2 several months ago after my Droid 1 was broken and this was the replacement they sent. Any ideas?



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