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Screen turned yellow and green


Android Question

Huawei-U8652 android 2.3.5 smartphone AT&T .. No damage to the phone, never dropped, never has been wet, no signs of any damage, but took it out of my pocket as it was only in there maybe 20min tops and the screen was showing all the words and numbers in white boxes and they were all backwards and in block form. So I restarted the phone, it then came back all bright green and bright yellow. So I did a master reset on it thinking maybe that would help and that didn't. Now its totally bright blue, bright green and bright yellow. Everything. When texting.. as it sends the box and letters and such turn normal, after its sent, everything turns green and yellow again. What is wrong with this phone??? If someone knows something I don't and knows how to fix it I'd appreciate the help. I also did a lower setting on the lighting and it just goes to a deeper color green, yellow and blue.. so its not the lighting as some of the phones problems have. Also did a hard reset, didn't work. I went to the Android site and did all that others have done with their phones and still its a funky yellow, green n blue. paintingtheworld4u@gmail.com


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