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Help Screen turns on by itself then 30 seconds later turns off


May 23, 2010
This had only started happening recently ill have the phone on my desk at work, the screen will activate (while still locked) then 10 seconds later, go off.

I thought it was from the last update of Handsent, the screen would turn on, the 5-7 second later the 'new sms' sound and titlebar message info appears.

So when it started turning on, and nothing happening i thought i was missing SMS'es or something , it seems to happen 3-5 times a day (at least what i see of it)
i have disabled handsent and installed chomp sms, but its still doing the same thing.

im sure its an app or process doing it, but to try and find out what one is going to be a pain, so if anyone may have any clues or hints, its greatly appreciated.


Nach0 :D

(oh, I did find 1 other thread regarding this issue, but the person suspects chompsms but it was in the milestone forums, i didnt want to hijack it? )


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