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SD card 'blank or unsupported' HELP


Oct 12, 2014
I am new to this and am posting as cannot recover SD card files and need some help with it. My SD card in my phone stopped working and said it was 'blank or unsupported', I put it into my laptop and it says there are 0 bytes on it, but I had around 600 photos on it. I already tried programs like Recuva but when I tried to use it it said the file was too large or something. I tried Chkdsk also but it didn't work and said my SD card was RAW. Can anyone help, I really want to get my photos and videos back! I'm not the best with technology btw!
Unfortunately I concur with Crashdamage, they do fail. I know from bitter experience (try nearly 800 photos of your kid over their first two years not backed up :( ).

There are sometimes signs like it mounting seemingly successfully on a Windows PC only for it to strangely unmount when you try and access it, or occasionally a photo or media file becoming inexplicably corrupted. Always, always back up your media especially if it is irreplaceable and never rely on SD cards from any manufacturer solely.
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