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SE Blog - More info on the Updates!

My impatient boy couldn't wait! Why am I not surprised. Mind you, you want that HD recording. How's things with GF, bump and move? Hope you have been getting some early nights! And I know you haven't cos your posts are time stamped ;)

I really couldn't wait :D

Everything's good, although we was supposed to be moving today but had to be postponed because the man with the moving van was "too tired" lol So we're moving tomorrow :) You probably wont hear much of me for a while after tonight
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Ah-haa, so your GF will be cracking the whip then and making you go to bed early eh? So read your other posts, are you still on 1.6 or have you now gone back to 2.1? (You will make your blooming mind up one day!)

Back to 2.1 now :) I went back to 1.6 after updating to 2.1 but I starting missing 2.1 already so i went back to 2.1 lol
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