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Seaching for my perfect android


Nov 29, 2009
It is a while that I'm following android waiting for a device that is right for me.
I've had the change to play with the European hero, and the magic, and I have to admit that sense surprised me a lot, especially the SW keyboard.

But the SW keyboard is good for chat, sms and so on but it is almost useless when you need to work in ssh on any other command line based enviroment, and I have to be able to do that in emergency situations.
So I really need is a good HW keyboard, the milestone one seems terrible (and I read that indeed it is), and as I said I like Sense ;).
Actually I think that the right phone for me would be like an "HTC Touch Pro2" with Android 2.0+ and sense, But I don't want to have that with hacks, I want a fully supported phone.
Do you think that there is any hope?
Well I will say the keyboard is awkward at first on the droid but in the past 24 hours I've had it I've gotten pretty used to it....I mean I'm typing on it right now and it feels pretty smooth...since carrier isn't an issue because you live in Europe then yeah definatly look at other htc phones.
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