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Seeking advice on replacement for Galaxy S4 Mini

I'm looking for advice on what SIM only device to replace my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini GT-I9195 with.

I've had the phone for over a year, and I think it's great but battery life is now poor and the internal memory is nearly almost full all of the time. I rooted it recently, but didn't realise that this would prevent me from using Android Pay, which I used a lot.

The phone is a good size for me, and I'm reluctant to go for a larger handset. However phones this size seem to be few and far between now. I'd be prepared to go as big as say, 5" screen.

I'm struggling to find a phone, with generally good reviews, which has the same level of features found in the S4 Mini, and at that similar £150-£200 price tag.

I've looked on gsmarena and used the 'phone finder' but it's become obvious that that site doesn't list quite a few of the smaller/newer manufacturers' products. I don't want to discount these manufacturers simply because some review site chooses not to include them.

To be honest if Samsung released a Galaxy S4 Mini with 16Gb storage, 2Gb RAM and a slightly better battery I'd just get that!

The crucial features for me are probably as follows:

16Gb Internal Storage (min)
Micro-sim slot (>64Gb)
Accerlerometer, Gyroscope, Compass
Ambient light sensor (auto screen brightness)
Respectable battery life (greater than I currently have, 1900mAh)
NFC (for Android Pay)
FM Radio
Android 7.0 (perhaps - my son has Android 6.0 and the inability to change the white menus infuriates me both due to the dazzle, but the waste of battery life).
WiFi Hotspot

I have looked a bit at the Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus and although there are lots of good reviews for this, there are, naturally, some bad reviews - and they're really bad, tending to relate to random reboots, poor build quality, and crappy customer service when things go wrong.

A friend has recommended the Moto G4, which is about as large as I'd want to go, but I note there is only one version of this which comes with NFC.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.


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