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Seeking small-and-light w/ Qwerty, Android, Samsung, T-Mobile: options?


Mar 15, 2011
(Summary) Biggest Question:

What phones meet the requirements listed in the Subject? (used/new/old-generation/etc are all acceptable. In face, used and very cheap preferred; love the idea of a somewhat "disposable" phone.)


I'm seeking a small-and-light T-Mobile Samsung phone with QWERTY and Android OS. (Samsung only because they seem to have a revamped/unique/simplified Android GUI/config which I greatly prefer over "stock" Android install... pls correct me if others have a similar, Samsung-ized Android interface... or just diff/better than "stock" Android, where "stock" is what I got on Motorola's Droid2. But I digress...)

Options that seem to work:
  • Samsung Gravity SMART (currently possess, but returnable)
  • Samsung I5510
  • Samsung/T-Mobile Sidekick 4G (PROBLEM: WAY TOO BIG and HEAVY)

Biggest Question: what other phone options do I have?
Followup Question: what if any specific feedback can this community provide regarding the Samsung I5510? (seeking comments particularly from I5510 owners.)

fwiw: I'm happy to purchase an older/user/aftermarket/prev-generation phone so long as it meets the aforementioned needs. Have zero problems buying from reasonable seller of such phones on ebay or craigslist, etc. Also needs to have wifi-data-AND-talk capability.

As noted, I currently own/possess the Gravity SMART, but just bought yesterday, so it's well within 30-day return range. Leaning towards I5510: it's same size as Gravity if not smaller (according to online specs below), MUCH lighter, has assisted GPS, and far better battery (again, all according to specs below). However, I5510 doesn't have hotspot, while Gravity does. (Alas... I employ a dedicated Verizon Mifi gizmo for a hotspot... and in testing I've done, Verizon's LTE device/service appears to blow away Sprint/Clear and T-Mobile... like not even close. And with my Verizon hotspot, can get all the data feed I want via wifi on my T-Mobile phone... and then employ the Monthly4G T-Mobile plans, saving a lot of $$. Therefore the lack of hotspot feature is much less a concern for me.)

Unforatunately, the Samsung Sidekick 4G just appears way to big and heavy... and is at least $100 more, and I'm already at my limit of comfortably paying for something. More inclined to "wait" for 4G phone prices to drop/etc.

References, as promised.

Samsung Gravity SMART vs I5510
T-Mobile Sidekick 4G vs Samsung I5510
Samsung I5510 Specs

Thx for any help!

Edit: new news: the Samsung Gravity SMART keypad won't work. No arrow keys. The i5510 has proper arrow keys according to pics from geekaphone.com. So almost certainly getting rid of the Gravity SMART. And...the battery is noticeably poor. Will get me thru most days, but I can see wear on heavy-usage days a single charge won't last me. Most all other things of the Gravity SMART I like thus far (after 2 days): form factor, keyboard (in general), weight, the physical movement/click-open feel of the keyboard, screen and general performance, etc.
Should also stress: want to pay $200 or less for the phone. The Samsung i5510 is ~$170 retail/Amazon market price. (And it's looking more and more like the winner... but waiting for any other suggestions from the community here before I buy it...)

With my T-Mobile Monthly4G plan (love it!) I have to buy the phone outright--no discounts for being on 2-year contract. And with this plan/service, may not ever by a phone contract again...

...and thus, need to pay for the phone outright, "up front."
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Even more new news: the USB-based power-charging connection on the Gravity SMART is "inconsistent." You move the phone and/or the cable around, and it -easily- stops charge, even though the cable is still connected. Ugh. Don't know if this is a phone-instance or a phone-design problem... but this is a deal-killer as well. When my phone is plugged in to power, it NEEDS to be recharging unconditionally. (Can't afford to think it was charging all night when it wasn't and wake up to a dead battery...)

Further reason to dump the Gravity SMART.
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