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Seidio Case Review for Skyrocket


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Nov 6, 2009
I have been using Seidio cases for multiple generations of phones now going way back to the original Blackberry Pearl. I have given a few other styles a shot at times but I keep finding myself coming back to the Seidio cases. They have always held up well and the fact that they have a combination holster that works specifically with their cases was a bonus.

I have to backtrack a little before I get into this review. Had it not been for a miniscule moment of innapropriate anger, I would not have a new phone in my possession. Had it not been for the Seidio case on that phone, I would not have been able to get into it for all my needed information. So, in a matter of seconds I had taken a full pitching arm swing with phone in hand and aimed at garage floor. In all fairness, I had worn that Atrix out to the point where it was on its last leg(maybe subconsciously I was yearning for a new phone). Anyway, I digress, the phone ended up with its screen shattered and the shell slightly bent(I hit the concrete directly on the corner). To the credit of the case, it never came off and the phone stayed on the whole time without rebooting. I put a piece of packing tape over the screen, so as not to get cut by the shards of glass poking out, and I was able to swipe up, down, left and right. However ugly the situation, if that case wasnt on there, the phone wouldnt have been accessible. Now some might argue that having another brands case that rhymes with "hotter fox" might have saved it completely, I find it incredibly uncomfortable to use a phone that becomes 3 times its size because of a case. Nuff said.

I ended up replacing the Atrix with a new Skyrocket. This phone is downright awesome and puts the Atrix to shame in every department. However, we arent here for a phone review, so lets get on with it. I knew I wanted a case on the phone immediately so I picked up one of those slick rubberized cases(skin?) that stretches over the back of the phone and around the sides. This was a decent option but I am part of the 1% out there who wears their phone on their hip at work, I hate putting my phone in the pocket(unless Im wearing jeans). So, I needed a case that had a holster and thats where Seidio came in.

I looked through Seidios options and saw they had two types of cases for the phone and holsters that matched. Since this phone was pretty big, I wanted to stay with the slimmer type case that I had been used to in the past which was the "Surface" style. They also have an "Active" style which is apparently much more protective like the previously mentioned brand but more attractive. With this case I ordered it as a combo with the holster. One of my main concerns was how this phone would look on the hip, in a case, being how large it is in the first place. In retrospect, choosing a black case would have made the most sense for that argument. However, I chose the blue case because, well, I like blue, and I got the phone in white, so I figured I would nickname my phone the "Smurf".

A week or so later I received the package with the case and the holster. First thing I noticed was how absolutely cool the blue finish was on the case. It has almost a metallic hue to it yet is fully plastic. The feel of the case is as it has been in the past; not too grippy but not too slippery. It has a nice texture to it that lends itself to being able slide in and out of a pocket without pulling out lint but also not feeling like it will slide out of your hand when holding it.

I put the phone into the case and the pieces snapped together with authority. Take note, the first time you need to disconnect the two pieces will be a struggle. After that however, it will be an easy task. Just seems that the pieces need to get broken in for a bit before they come apart with ease. As I was holding the phone with the case on it, I noticed that it didnt feel that much bigger with it on. The case is really tight fitting and seems to just barely come off the "Surface" of the phone. There is enough protection above the front bezel though that you can place the phone face down and it wont touch the screen. The only thing that I wasnt too keen on was how deep the cut was to reach the power button. It seems to be at such an angle that you have to get your fingertip in there to press it right. Maybe over time that will change but at first it was an odd behavior.

Next up was wearing the phone to work on the holster. How did it go? Awesome! There is no denying that when you have a phone of this size on your hip, it does get noticed. There is no getting around the fact that nowadays, nobody wants a phone the size of the old V60, and because of that, you are hauling around a nice sized piece of web viewing real estate. I have to say though, I got tons of compliments on the case color. Everyone who saw it said they had never seen a color like that before, or as they held it in their hand, a case that looked so cool. The phone was light to begin with and the case did nothing to hurt that. The holster is very grippy but seems to disappear from the hip when the phone is in it. The weight distribution keeps the phone very close to the body and feels like its just there coming along for the ride. The holster is very sturdy and the phone clicks into it with a loud informative SNAP.

After about a week of wearing the phone daily to work in the holster and a few instances of slipping it into my jeans, I wholeheartedly recommend Seido cases yet again. After saving my old phone the way it did and the new materials they seem to be using, Seidio has a hit on their hands. With how well their manufacturing is and perfectly fit around the phone these cases are, theres really no reason to look anywhere else for something to protect your phone. Oh, and since my original rant, I have had no problems using the power key anymore.

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