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Root Sense for our phone

Well sense like themes are very easy to port if your good at porting themed. But a sense rom would be next to impossible. To much proprietary software that HTC has the source locked up to. And without the full rom source for our phone we could never get things like the actual sense additions to the framework and all the sense apps working.
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Lol ok but just throwing that out there. Have fun!

I see what you did there.

If You want to new Sense 4 clock follow these directions

1. Go to GetJar | Mobile |on your phone
2. Type In Beautiful Widgets in the Search
3. Click on the one that says Beautiful Widgets and install it, but you will be prompted with downloading Get Jar.apk
4. Install the App
5. Now Open the get Jar app and search beautiful widgets again
6. Download the apk and install it
7.Now go into the skin market and look for H7C skin and download load and apply it.

These clock's are from Yngwie Malmsteen XDA member, i just posted the links and the clocks are great.

Black Sense 4.0 Clock
White Sense 4.0 Clock
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