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Help Set Droid in media dock, set alarm, went to sleep... woke up to dead phone!


Nov 10, 2009
I just got this phone as an exchange about 2 weeks ago (cracked a screen on my first one). It is not a rebuild, it was a brand new phone right out of the box and I was quite happy with it until this morning.

I set this thing in the media dock and turned on Better Alarm (I have found the stock alarm clock to be unreliable) and went to sleep. This morning I woke up to a black screen which is normal, but I hit the button to wake it up and NOTHING!

I have pulled the battery, tried a hard restart, I even tried using a normal USB cable to re-charge it even though the battery was almost fully charged when I went to bed. None of this got any response from the phone.... uugh, so dang frustrating!

I guess I will be making a trip to the Verizon store today, but man this phone is starting to piss me off!


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