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Setting a Sound as Notification and Ringtone

Back when I got my phone, I transfered an MP3 from the computer to the SD card and selected it as ringtone. it is still there and still works.....but now, after the OTA update, when I go into settings/phone ringtone this sound is not on the list. How do I get it back?

Also, under notifications, in the list of sounds the ones on my SD card are not there. I have a sound stored on the card that I would like to set as the notification. I mounted the card to my computer to verify that these files are indeed on the SD card. The phone just isn't seeing them in the list of available sounds...but, they do play if I go into MP3 or Music app.
You might have to move the sound into the folder "ringtones" if you want the option to use it as either, put it in both folders.

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I dont have a folder on the SD card called ringtones, or alarms, or notifications. Is there a folder for that in the phone's memory? How do I access that?
If you look in the url bar in the image, the folder these are in is called Media.

So look for a folder on your sd card called Media. Inside of that is audio, inside of that are those three folders.

If you don't have that, just create them all and the phone should recognize what you're doing.

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