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Shopping for a new phone


Apr 12, 2012
First of all. Please let me know if this is the wrong forum for this.

I am currently shopping around for phones. I think I have settled on using verizon as my carrier sine they have the best service in New Orleans.

Right now my main option are the G-Nex, Razr and the Rezound.

To be honest the Rezound wasn't even an option until I started digging around, and now it seems like the best bet.

My question is. Does anyone have experience with all three phones?

Do you think the Rezound is the way to go?

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
I've had the rezound for 3 months and it has been a great phone. Beautiful screen, very fast, awesome camera. The downside is some of the bloat verizon has added, but if you are into rooting it can be easily removed. And for $50 it is an absolute steal! I can't believe how fast the price has dropped on this phone. I spent months agonizing over the decision between the rezound and the nexus. In the end the nexus had far to many issues with the radio and so forth (heard someone state that works in a verizon store that close to %40 of the nexus phones have come back with some sort of default or the consumer is just plain unhappy with it)
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I've only owned the Rezound in your list of the big three popular phones out at this time. There is no perfect phone. You will want to pick the one that is best for you and your needs/desires. I highly recommend the Rezound if you are after a solid build, excellent screen, great radios, fantastic camera, and seemingly trouble free unit. I've heard good and bad about your other two choices. I'd try to drop into the other two forums and check out what the users have said.. look for the troubles they might be having.. see how they might be bragging about this or that aspect. Good luck in your research and hope to see you back here as a happy and very satisfied Rezound owner.
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Nexus Rezound Rezound Nexus? Definitely Rezound.

Razr MAXX, different story than Razr... Better battery life and now Google owns them...

I like my Rezound and loved my original Motorola OG Droid. Both are good choices.

Best thing to do is go to the store and test drive the phone. The feel in the hand and how the screen looks to you will ultimately tip the scales one way or the other. Remember you only have 14 days to change your mind. :):cool::D
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To me, I think the Rezound is almost the perfect phone. It has an beautiful HD screen, fast dual core processor, 4G LTE, getting ICS soon(or now if you root/install the RUU), Sense(I like Sense), has great reception, and nice build quality.
The only thing I wish was improved is the battery life. I use my phone a lot so I would have liked at least a 1800mah battery instead. That extra hour or so would definitely help throughout the day.

Can't say much about the Razr or Galaxy Nexus but I did get to play with them at the store and they both had great build quality and the screens on both are really good. The Razr Maxx felt a little too wide compared to the rest but slimmest of the bunch.

If battery is a big concern, Razr Maxx hands down. Galaxy Nexus if you want the pure google experience. A bit biased but the Rezound is the most well rounded of the 3.

Can't go wrong with either of the 3.
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