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Silly Question about TMobile 3G

In the ongoing cat-fight between Verizion and AT&T it got me thinking.
I am putting an order in for a Cliq (hence me reading these forums) but AT&T claims that they are the only 3G network that lets you make a call and also send data (ie: surf the web) at the same time.

Is this true for TMobile as well? Or is this some strange knock on Verizon?

Why is that a function of 3G anyway? Can't an android device talk and web surf at the same time?
With the major CDMA carriers in the US (sprint and verizon) you are not able to put the phone on speaker phone, set it down and browse the web.

With the GSM carriers in the US (ATT and TMo) you can. Now is this by design or coincidence? that's the question yet to be answered

So CDMA doesn't support voice/data simul? I didn't know that. Interesting. Thanks for the info.
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