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Skinned Dock Application [Help]


Android Enthusiast
Mar 7, 2010
So I have been trying to skin this application dock:

I liked it except it was ugly with the page over buttons, and the wasted space on the top. So I edited the .png files for those to be empty/clear/whatever you want to call it. I remember where the buttons are, I can deal with it if it looks better.

Anyway, when I go to install, I still see the same icon and everything, but it is saying installation failed.

I know this is most likely because it needs to be re-signed...I have been reading for a while now how to do this and I can't figure it out. If someone could give me a hand that would be great! Or if someone could sign it for me that would be even better. Anyway :thinking: help?

Here is the finished .apk with all the edited .png files:
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