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Root slow...anybody can tell me what to do?

I have an Lg esteem rooted with # 2 rom 2.5. I was doing really good at first but now I noticed that one of the apps force closed and mulitytasking is not working. My phone has slowed down a bit. Can somebody help? :thinking:

Press hold power button. Choose option to reboot into recovery.
I am asuming you are using CWM recovery. You will be looking for option to "FIX PERMISSIONS" Choose this option, confirm. Wait a moment. When its done. Go back and choose reboot option.

Check and see if your still FCing.

Sorry if I'm not clear enough... its very late and I shiuld be sleeping.

Good luck
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question when I go into recovery mode the only option i have on advance is install from sd or internal or back and restore. it dosnt have a reflash option or flash option. what do i do there?

Think of flashing as installing. You do the same thing you did when you first installed the rom just don't do factory reset or wipe.
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