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Help Slow battery charge after recent updates?


Jul 2, 2017
Hi folks.

It seems that my battery is charging more slowly after recent OS updates. I am not sure if this is a coincidence or a known issue. I'd be grateful for some advice please.

I'm using a Galaxy S7 Edge, currently Kernel 3.18.14-11104523 Thu Jun 15

My phone seemed to reliably fast-charge (certainly a full charge within 2 hours) until an upgrade around a month ago. Then it slowed down to requiring several hours for a charge.

I accepted an update a few days ago. My phone charged quickly again, so I assumed the update addressed a slow charge issue. However over the last 48 hours I see the phone is back to a very slow charge again.

My charger and charging point remained the same throughout.

I do not believe any new apps or app settings are the cause of slow charging. (HOWEVER, as a 2nd, but related support question, I would be grateful to receive suggestions for good apps which will analyse memory usage, default start up apps, etc - I am using a paid version of AVG and am not really happy with it).

Looking forward to suggestions.

Many thanks,
Couple of suggestions: –

Fast charging requires a certain amount of voltage and amperage. It could easily be that your charger (the one you have always used) could have issues that are reducing its efficiency. It is worthwhile trying out another (friends, store) charger and cable before investigating your phone itself.
Also try a different cable.

It is very possible that the phones system cache has become corrupted which in turn can lead to some strange behavior. Try clearing the system cache.

GSam battery monitor is one of the best around for not only analyzing your battery usage but also getting a detailed breakdown app by app power drain.

Lastly, in mind that fast charging is most effective with the phone off or at least in the locked state.

Hello Snakeyeskm

Thank you for the quick reply and suggestions.

I am not sure that the cable has an issue as the fast charge did work consistently well Thu / Fri however to be on the safe side, I will attempt a colleague's cable at the office tomorrow.

I have cleared app cache just now, and will try system cache using the method here: http://recomhub.com/blog/how-to-clear-cache-on-galaxy-s7-and-galaxy-s7-edge/ (about half way down the page under "How to clear the system cache on the Galaxy S7:") Am I at risk of losing data using this technique?

Thanks for the tip for GSam - I have installed it and monitoring it .

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Hi Guys,

My phone seems to stop playing music on its own while using spotify despite me setting it on continuous play. It feels as though it just pauses on its own. I am using a Xiaome Redmi Note 3. My internet connection also seems to drop out or freeze alot. May someone please advise me on what i should do to resolve this issue.

Kind Regards,

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Thanks Snakeyeskm

I have tested a number of cables and support your assessment that the cable I was previously using was faulty. It does charge, but only overnight. I have since used others, and bought a new charger and all examples bring me back to the 2 - 3 hour expected time for a full charge. Thank you.
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