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Smartphone Battery Life Test Video: Gretel GT6000 vs. OUKITEL K10000 PRO


May 4, 2017
Gretel GT6000 and Oukitel K10000 pro best selling point is a big capacity battery encased in a premium metal body. Check the video and find how well battery works? Note: Gretel GT6000 has 6000mAH and Oukitel K10000 Pro has 10000mAH.

As we can see in the video above, both phones are fully charged with 100% juice, set at the highest volume and display brightness with. Then starting to play the HD video show Prison Break 4, no stops, both can play almost 17 episodes. The surprise is that Gretel GT6000 is still on to play while Oukitel K10000 pro power off, though only keep the juice left for another 2 minutes’ playback. Overall a great result for the Gretel GT6000 considering it packs 6000mAh capacity battery while Oukitel K10000 pro with 10000mAh capacity battery. At last, both phones have the thicker protective film while doing the test, which is the factory default film to protect again the harm to the screen in the delivery. Each one will remove it while using it.

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Gretel Added 13MP Panasonic MN34172 sensor with an F/2.2 aperture,dual LED flash, and 4X digital Zoom. The second 1.3MP camera is used to achieve the bokeh effect. The Main camera focuses quickly, which is also great for taking some fine shots of moving subjects. If you’re shooting in HDR, you’ll manage to squeeze in more details, although it takes slightly longer to shoot the photos. I am really impressed by the performance. Check below how well I captured in Normal Mode and Bokeh Mode?
In low-light, If you put in some effort, you would manage to get some decent shots.
As for the front camera, it is 5MP soft light and flash light to reach a high-quality video chat and selfies.in term of video recording, the back camera can record video at 720p resolution and the quality is good enough.

Snaps taken from The Samileo31 Gretel GT6000 Review.






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