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Sms alert app that I can temporarily mute?


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Jan 2, 2014
So, I have alerts setup on my servers to send me sms messages when certain thresholds are met. Sometimes it means there's a problem and sometimes it's working fine even though the threshold is met. I've used many apps over the years that look for sms messages from certain sources or with certain keywords in the sms message and alert me day or night. But, we've just switched to new servers and I'm trying to figure them out and I'm not sure the way they work now that if the queues being backed up always can mean there's an issue. Actually, I can say for sure it can be backed up. What I'm doing is monitoring fax servers. Fax by nature is slow. I have over 100 hospitals that submit faxes over 48 lines. During the day, right now it's sometimes normal that we have 50 or more faxes backed up because the lines are all busy. But, sometimes it means that there's a processing problem or phone line problem. So, I want to get the alert, but when I see it's good, I want to snooze the alerts for a few hours, but I find want to always remember to turn it on later if I'm manually disabling the alert. I'll end up missing an important alert.
Sounds like it could possibly be done with Tasker?

BTW faxes really, in 2020?

We've said that internally in our department too... It's the 21st century and we're still using faxing. But, the hospital industry doesn't like change. They like tried and true technology. And, our company alone can't just stop using faxing. All the companies we do business with only use faxing, so if we want to do business with them, we need to support faxing.
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