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Snyc with Mac, Old and New


Dec 12, 2009
Do you think that 2.1 will allow direct syncing with a Mac instead of going through Google. Would be nice as when I sync my mail through Google it sometimes screws up receiving my mail in general. I would also like to sync my Mac calendar. I can't even do this through Google as I have a five year old Powerbook that can't run the newest version of OSX.

Im not a mac user, and no one is officially a 2.1 user as of yet so this will be a hard one to answer. We wont know "for sure" until it comes out and you try it.

It would be beneficial to those wanting to help to know what exactly you want to sync? Contacts? Calendar? Im positive that you will have to have a Google account to login the phone, just as you did with the current 1.5 version.

If you dont have the needed items in Google to be synced, maybe try syncing your Mac info with Google rather than doing it manually. I have my wifes Outlook calendar synced with my Google account, so I can keep tabs on her stuff as well as my own. If Apple doesnt offer something like this, then maybe its time to take a hard look at Apple and figure out what you priorities are.

Like I said not a Mac user so I cant help you beyoned the parts where Android is concerned.
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