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So can Live Wallpaper be used on 2.1?

Was just wondering what the latest was regarding the use of live wallpapers on the Droid Eris with 2.1....

Also I cant seem to find Vlingo and Swype in the Marketplace search engine. Is still available?
As stated numerous times, live wallpapers is not available on the Droid Eris, no matter what VZW or anyone else tells you. Sorry but the processor won't allow it.

I have no clue what Vlingo is but Swype isn't available in the Market, but you can download it here for the Eris (http://androidforums.com/743091-post24.html), either scan that with the Barcode Scanner app or click the link.
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Yes you can use live wallpapers but you have to be rooted....in other words...not with OTA 2.1 or leaked versions...

There is a swype thread on this forum that has the most recent version posted for download:


As far as Vlingo...just search for the beta vlingo.apk on google or search the forums...I would recommend searching via your eris...
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