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soda entered my phone


Android Question

Hi, soda entered my phone and it could not power on. i took it for repair they replaced the screen it worked for just a week and stopped. they formatted it, did flashing on it but still does not work, it doesn't power on and when it does it hangs and doesn't respond to touch. what do i do? it's now two months since.
I'm sorry, but there's almost certainly nothing you can do. Water damage is bad enough, but an acidic, sugary liquid is about as bad as you can get.

The one thing that might help would be cleaning it by dismantling it and washing in isopropyl alcohol or similar (lab alcohols rather than drinks). That would remove residues the soda may have left, but of course it cannot undo corrosion damage. So no promises, but it's all there is. Personally I'd buy another phone.
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