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Root [SOFTWARE] F-Droid v0.58, AdAway 2.8 plus special AdAway for KitKat, and FeedEx v1.5.1


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Apr 8, 2012
Don't worry, F-Droid is an open source app store and all the apps inside are only shown if they are open source as well. This app store is not a pirate market like so many other alternative app stores. Well, they done it again. :( AdAway, Adfree, etc. have all been pulled for violating Play Store guidelines. I myself dislike this. I prefer to donate to projects and websites and contribute instead of viewing ads. I buy the pro version of an app whenever possible, but some apps like Angry birds (although I never play it) and The Weather Channel have no way to remove ads. I'm all for helping developers and such (I contribute around here, and may get a Premium membership in the future) and always pay to remove ads if there is an option to, but now it has became more difficult. But I have a geeky way of sidestepping this. :D Search for F-Droid. It's an app store with only free software that would never pull an app unless it had malware or done something crazy like steal personal info, like most apps on the Play Store. You can still use the Play Store with this installed. Be aware that it's a little slow on my end. So I will provide links for F-Droid and the latest version of AdAway from yours truly's Nexus 4. Give me a sec here guys! Remember, just because you don't like ads is no excuse for not contributing. Help here around AF as much as possible, buy premium, help the mods, become a guide, and that should make up for any ad income missed. Nothing personal here, AF ads are safe, but so many sites ads have given me malware on my PC. If anyone has the ad servers from here, I will gladly include some instructions to whitelist them in AdAway. I trust AF, but sites can get hacked, some sites use sketchy ad providers, etc. Remember that if AF needs any help, I'm always here for you guys. ;)

AdAway v2.8.1 APK:
Direct Link of v2.8.1 from F-Droid:

Special AdAway (May or may not work on KitKat):

F-Droid v0.63 APK:
Direct link of v0.63 APK from F-Droid:

I have included two links to the updated version of F-Droid. It is smoother, noticeably faster, and you can now swipe left of right to switch tabs in the UI. I also included a new RSS Reader that is free, open source, holo designed, and works WITHOUT any online service! This is a relatively new app, and it is also available on Google Play. FeedEx is the app. It may just be the Google Reader replacement for you. Note that it requires an ICS based ROM or better (4.0.3 and up to be exact). I would recommend BSydz Paranoid Android based off ICS for this one. The app appears to be only a month old as of the original time I wrote this thread. It's a fork of SparseRSS. UPDATE: I highly recommend this app even on a new Nexus 5 with KitKat. It's been only a few weeks since KitKat came out, and it's already optimized for it. You can theme it to be back in preferences, share to the app from your favorite browser, view feeds in a web view, import and export feeds (this also uses the new KitKat file chooser thingy if you have KitKat), it has a navigation drawer, comes with widgets, doesn't force you to use the cloud, and is open source to the point of being practically RMS-approved in theory under the GPLv3. And did I mention it's free (as in beer) as well? Better than Feedly for me.

FeedEx v1.5.4 APK:
Direct link of FeedEx v1.5.4 APK from F-Droid:
Direct link of FeedEx v1.5.4 APK from Google Play:

Leave comments if you have anything to say. Or if you find any other good software on F-Droid.

Anyhow, about that special AdAway build. It's meant for KitKat. I got someone I know to do some special workarounds to get version 2.8 working flawlessly for me on KitKat. It's not perfect, but it works. He done this as a good favor for me, and he published the code for the original developer on GitHub. AdAway would hang for me on KitKat, but this special build includes a workaround, albeit not a clean patch, fixes the issue. Just another reason to keep checking back here even if you're on KitKat and haven't touched a Triumph in years.
I use Nightly as my daily browser. I am just making a point to the community since this news fell on deaf ears thanks to the Google Reader shutdown. A system level adblocker is much more powerful than Adblock Plus since it blocks ads in any browser and in apps. Thanks for showing your concern. :)
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Hey guys it pays to check this thread. Even though I only use my Triumph for testing apps on older Android versions and not much else these days, if you have ICS, Jelly Bean, or KitKat, you can enjoy the APKs I keep relatively up-to-date on here. That AdAway build I and the guy who makes SD Maid, darken, have done some testing on. Now, for me anyhow, AdAway works on KitKat. The original developer by no means has abandoned AdAway, but they're really busy with another open source project at the moment, and it includes a workaround and some code cleanup that may make it work without hanging every time on KitKat. I tested it with SuperSu and OmniROM and it worked like a charm. You're welcome. And with the recent NSA relevations, FeedEx is offline. NSA-proof Feed reader, fully open source and free. Also AdAway I recommend at least using if you're paranoid. You can always opt to view ads or do what I do, and donate and purchase memberships to sites but always block ads. I'd personally rather pay than get tracked. I also have some other recommendations. Please dump Flash Player now. I've decided to keep my links up unless something bad happens, but you have been warned to only enable it on sites you trust. By the way, on Jelly Bean it works with Firefox and Dolphin. You can download a hacked Flash Player that only works on Dolphin for KitKat. Also anyone still on the Triumph check out Mozilla Firefox. The little device that could is so old even if you're on ICS Chrome will lag. Mozilla Firefox, especially on mobile, is way lighter than ever before as of late. It even works on Froyo! Not bad. Because of the whole Firefox OS fiasco, it is lighter. So give that a try. I tried it on my old Triumph and I noticed no random reboots for the time I used it while on MTDEV CM7. Pleasant surprise if you're stuck with the Triumph cause now you at least can view the modern internet without mass freezes. Yeah you're definitely welcome for all these goodies under one roof.

Edit: If you're on 4.0.3 or better also check out the XPosed Framework.
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