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Help Software update automatically points to AT&T though I am on T-mobile


Dec 1, 2013
I got an AT&T unlocked S3(SGH-1747) about 6 months back and is on Android version 4.1.1. I chose to go with T-mobile and it has been working fine, but now when I try to update my software it automatically takes me to - AT&T Software update and since that is not my provider, I do not get any updates. How can I change this to T-mobile?

The Kies shows this as the latest version, but then there has been Jelly bean 4.3 and now the latest KitKat. I am wondering if the reason for not getting updates is because my carrier is T-mobile and hence cannot push the AT&T updates. If so, how can this be fixed

4.4 (KitKat) is only on a few phones at the moment and not on general release for the S3.
4.3 is still in a limited release cycle for the S3 so 4.2 is probably the best stable release you are going to get any way, unless it's rooted.

Not and expert on this...but isn't the update service linked to the CID codes stored in the EFS folder; if so just unlocking the carrier service may not be enough.

Back in the old days of rooting and unlocking; we had to create gold cards to completley rewrite the EFS folder contents and allow us to change the Carrier ID codes.
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