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Sony Companion to Samsung


Feb 3, 2012
How can I transfer a backed up contact list from Sony Companion to the Samsung S5?
I had a Samsung S3 until January. All the contacts were linked to google. So when I got a Sony Z1 I simply signed into Google and all the contacts were synched. The phone slipped out of my hands for the 15th time on Saturday and smashed completely this time. Clumsy I know but I decided I'd go for a phone that was easier to hold and got the Samsung S5.
I have a recent Sony Companion backup of the Sony Z1. Somehow I missed the Google synch setting on the Sony Z1. When I synched the contacts on the S5 it was my old contact list from January. Deleted numbers are back, changed numbers gone and new contacts not there.
I have all of these stored in the Sony PC Companion. I can no longer access the Sony Z1 as it is well and truely fubar.
So I need to know how to transfer the contact list from the Sony Companion to the Samsung S5
(I will also need to transfer the 3000 photos stored there but I'll start with contacts).


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