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Help Sony Xperia T & Duracell USB Charger


Jul 14, 2013
I recently brought a Sony Xperia T from a CEX store, it's my first major Android phone after being an iPhone user. I have reasonably happy with the phone except it's terrible battery drain, it's fine on standby bit if I want to use it to surf the net or make a call it drains quickly before even using it for apps or music etc. The phone charge is not even lasting half a day on normal use - is this normal?

I have a Duracell USB charger that works for nearly all smartphones except my One. If I root my phone will I be able to extend the battery life by turn off and deleting Sony Software? Will rooting also make my Duracell charger work? Or should I just take this phone back and get a Samung Galaxy S2?
Thanks for the reply, I realise that I would get a full charge out of the Duracell charger, it's handy for a emergency charge when needed.

My issue is that the Duracell charger does not work at all, the battery continues to drain when connecting it.

I was wondering if I have purchased a phone with a dodgy battery given the rate it's discharging itsself. I played a app (not a big game) for around 2 mins and the battery dropped 5 percent.

I love this phone and all it's features but I feel that I cannot make use out of them due to the battery issue, I was planning on using the camera and video camera while on holiday and then charging it whenever and wherever I get the chance but I don't think I can use the phone for that as it won't even last 1/2 day if I use those features :(

Any tips any power saving? I use a app killer, I clear recent run apps, I have the brightness on the lowest setting and have not notifications on or location services, I don't have Bluetooth on and neither do I have wifi and cellular data both running at the same time.

What else can I do, I am used to the terrible battery on the iPhone but this Xperia really takes the mick with its poor battery, should it really be this bad?
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The battery seems to be a weakness of the Xperia T phones.

And you'd not use a task killer. The OS launches the apps again and the task killer kills they again and the OS launches they again ... and so on, not a good method to save battery power.

Why the Duracell doesn't charge ... no idea, sorry.
But you might try a bigger battery pack, I use the ANKER 5600mAh.

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After doing some research it seems as if my battery issue is common for Xperia T users who have upgraded to jelly bean ( my android version is 4.1.2), is that jelly bean?

That Android version was on the phone when brought it so didn't get a choice, like I said before I brought from an electronics second hand shop, I will taking it back to tomorrow.
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