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Sony released there new ad for the Xperia LOL!

OK seriously, this whining about the lack of 2.x yet is getting beyond a joke now. First priority for sony is to get out the update that fixes the keyboard, battery life and other things which actually break the phone.

If people want to go and have a p***ing contest with people who own HTC or other android phones then go do it in private
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Yes the ad was kinda funny but again with any forum there is always the one or two users that have to post negative remarks, makes them feel important or smart I suppose.

You are so right.

Around the same number of people on typical internet forums who post pictures that are not funny no matter how hard they try to convince people they are, and at the same time failing at trying to make a backhanded insult.

Maybe once the phone is available in North America for more than a couple months and does not have an update it will be funny. Could try again then.
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