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SplashMoney Alternate

Ok. I know there is a ton of Money/Bank apps in the marketplace, but i want one that will download transactions from my bank like Splashmoney did on my BB and WM devices.

So I'm asking for help if any one knows of any apps that I have skipped in the Marketplace that will do this.

Thanks for the Help.
I'm a Palm SplashMoney user and can't get rid of my TX yet.
Everything I've seen so far looks Mickey Mouse compared with SplashMoney. I'm holding my breath. SplashID for Android is out so can SplashMoney be far behind?

I had SplashID on my iPod touch, and absolutely loved it. Has anyone tried the Android version?

I haven't seen anything remotely close to SplashMoney for Android as of yet. Hopefully they do come out with an Android version so that I can sync my current data.
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I use SplashID on my MAC and Droid.
There is one problem. Occasionally I get a force quit when opening the app and instead of quitting it lets me into the data without going thru the password screen.
The last update made this problem happen less often but it is still there.
If you can live with this security issue then go with it.
(btw the problem is on the Droid. Never saw it on my MAC.)
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I knew they would do this. The app seems to be a beta. Just something they threw in the market to quiet everybody requesting it before we moved on to something better. Nothing works(especially desktop sync) and the functionality is severely crippled compared to the iphone version. I remember they did this exact same thing with the iphone version. It took them months to update the app to a fully functioning version. Wonder how long it will take them with Android(considering they were reluctant to release the app for Android in the first place). I used to love splashdata in my PALM days, but this company has gotten lazy. Its kind of like their hearts arent in it anymore. Well guess its back to using Loot. Sorry Splashdata, but you wont sit on my $5 for the next 8 months until you get this app working.
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OMG I'm SOOO EXCITED! You know that if they get enough buying it they will get back to work on it and update any issue. Sooooo tell everyone! I used SplashData on my palm for YEARS and have had to resort to just updating 'money' via my desktop, waiting for this to come out. I'm downloading and paying now...I know they will do it right. No Android app comes CLOSE to what SplashMoney can do! TELLL EVERYONE!! :)
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So I downloaded it and am fairly happy, even knowing there are some blatent bugs. The sync worked AWESOME for me, as did the import. However, I thought since it was an upgrade I wouldn't have to import from .csv, but it did delete the old data on the desktop....so make sure you back up your accounts to .csv BEFORE you upgrade the desktop version!! I will have to have some of the palm features back (especially need the running total column and the option (or default) to jump to the bottom of the rows since they don't have the option to reverse sort), and I'm a little bummed that I don't think it can handle all the transaction I had saved easily when I used it on my palm...but I have confidence it is going to get better. And even if it only does HALF of what it did on Palm, it'll still be better than any money app out there! Good luck Splash! Keep the updates coming!
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