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Sprint Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 or Asus Memopad 10.1?


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Jun 1, 2011
Galaxy Tab 3-via 50 dollar Sprint deal.
50 dollars up front, thats nice.
has better stats than the near 200 dollar wifi one
can take a microsd-I have a extra 32 gig one
There's a otterbox case for it, so thats a good thing.

Will have to pay at the very least 5+taxes/surcharges every month for the next 2 years, if I take the MINIMUM data plan and only use wifi, or 15+taxes/surcharges if I take their 2 gig/15 dollar a month plan.
7 inch screen

Asus Memopad Smart 10.1-via Gamestop
Pros: 150 bucks brand new, reduceable if I trade in some stuff
10.1 inch display
has gotten fairly good reviews
Only paying the one time fee, and no monthly costs

Will be 150 or so up front minus any trade in credit, almost 3 times the GT3 cost.
Stats are a bit lower than the GT3, in terms of Ram/CPU, storage is the same, and both can take a microsd card.
No real specific-accessories for it I think, more usage of generic case and screen protector, and from what I can find, no real strong/protective case?

So, feel free to give me more input on my choice on of these as my personal holiday gift?
Are you sure you mean the Memopad 10.1 and not the Memo 7 HD? I know it is $150 and considered to be an extremely good device for that price point.

I actually think the Memo 7 would be the better way to go if cost is an issue. You'll get a good device for the price. That said, if you can spend the extra money, you might want to simply because I'm betting there is a better chance that the Tab will receive future Android updates. I'm not sure how good Asus is at keeping their devices up to date as time passes.
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No, I mean the Memopad 10.1 ME3-etc-etc-etc. They have one in the Gamestop by me, and it is new in the box.

ASUS ME301T-A1-BL Tablet NVIDIA Tegra 3 1.20GHz 10.1" 1GB DDR3 Memory 16GB - Black for Android | GameStop

Ohhh, I got you now. There is actually a Memopad 10.1 HD that is around 300. I thought you were getting mixed up there. This decision shouldn't be that hard really. The two tablets you named are very different.

The Tab 3 7.0 is much smaller, but has better specs and will likely be better supported in the future. It's also significantly more expensive.

The Memopad 10.1 is bigger, but it's not as powerful and probably won't be updated much. It costs less though.

If you're willing to pay more and want something that's faster and more portable, go with the Tab.

If you want a bigger screen and don't mind having slightly lower performance for a significantly lower price, go with the Memopad.
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Oh wait. Yeah I double checked. The Sprint version of the Tab 3 is pretty good. It's clocked almost twice as much as the standard Tab 3 (1.0Ghz vs 1.7Ghz), and has more RAM (1GB vs 1.5GB). I didn't realize Sprint got a "special" version.

However the point between the Tab and the Memopad here becomes the processor vs the RAM. The Asus tablet has a quad core processor with better game support AFAIK since it's Tegra, but the Tab has half as much more RAM. plus the smaller screen and lower resolution will make it work faster than expected because the CPU and the GPU aren't pushing as much pixels.

So it will depend now on, what are your planned usage patterns?
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I don't know, some off and on internet viewing, a lot of video watching/streaming, maybe I'll start doing some gaming, though since tablet gaming is probably not like using a controller, I'd probably be doing more emulated old school rpg-ing, like the NES/SNES/GBA Final Fantasy games, the Phantasy Star games, etc. So, any one else wanna weigh in? I'm giving myself another 10 days or so to make up my mind, since I think the Tab 3 deal ends end of the year.
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