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sprint HTC Hero IM


Nov 19, 2009
Hey i just got mine today. i'm not sure i like the default IM app though (called IM, supposedly Sprint's?). I have problems with it texting me with notifications along with me getting normal notifications of IMs. not only that but for some reason if i add an AIM screenname on a "peoples app" contact, there is no integration? (like i go to the contact and go to text messages (on the little slider) and i get nothing)

Is there another IM app that combines many protocols? any recommendation? meeboIM has really bad ratings on androlib.

What i would like first of all is just a good IM app. if i cant get an all-in-one, then i'd like a really good AIM app and a really good msn messenger (or just "good" will do), my second priority is something that would integrate with the people's contacts (or integrate with htc sense? if you know what i'm talking about)
I've tried most of the IM programs out there and settled on the EBuddy for now. I don't recall any of them integrating with my contact list. Palringo I used in WinMo and was totally fantastic, lol, the Android version is still in BETA, not too good. EBuddy works the most stable. You can try the single network versions, I think AOL and Yahoo have their own.

Anyway, hope it helps ya'...

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I use ebuddy... but my god does it suck some battery.

Its constantly polling the buddies list... I had an Im app that somehow "pushed" ims so that it never had any network connectivity unless an IM was sent. It also only refreshed the buddy list once the app was re-opened. The background service stayed active to receive IMs but again, there was NO battery life impact.
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