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Root [Sprint] [Rom]Team Venum - STS - Odexed/Tweaked/CRT- MA7/MK4 12/29


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Nov 30, 2009
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Been testing this today, so far pretty decent, couple of things I did notice, Wifi Signal definitely not as good as my Mack Rom, seems a little sluggish, but not that bad, and for kicks and grins, I decided to restore my apps with data and that was a complete waste, anything that had data, keeps force closing, so I had to uninstall those and reinstall, and all is good.

But I am still leaning on going back to 4.1.2 as it feels a little more stable and snappy for now, but I will give this a day or 2 to see.

Edit, New update see below 12-29-2013, Full wipe is recommended

[Rom]Team Venum - STS - Odexed/Tweaked/CRT- MA7/MK4 12/29
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After a few days, I am really liking this Rom now, it has settled in, Solve the WiFi issue, with a simple router reboot. Battery life is really good now, not bloated at all and light weight. The forceclose issues have been resolved as mentioned above, once I get a foreclose I simply uninstall the app and reinstall and all is good, I say give this Rom a test drive, you will like it.

The only thing I found so far and it seems to be an issue with some 4.3 Rom, is the delay on answering a incoming call, other then that all is good.
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I flashed the 1.1 and it runs better than 1.0, may have found a new daily driver..........;)

Yep I love it, I had to flash it twice after a full wipe, as once was giving me the no OS error, and was saying I was not rooted, LOL and would go straight into the samsung bootloop screen.

Al is good now, I get the odd forceclose with some apps, but no biggie

PS. Daily for you not going to happen, LOL :p;):)
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Just curious, do you get the call delay when you answer a call, I also get the odd reboot here and there.

It's not a biggie, but just curious.

Hmm I haven't gotten any delays or odd reboots but I have had force closed apps but only on certain ones and more on the older version, hopefully he will get this issues fixed on his next build but I think this one is the best one out there for now lol...:)
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