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Accessories Steinheil AF film pics - close-ups


May 14, 2010
Ugh. Sorry if a thread with detailed pics has been posted already, but here's some definitive proof of the blur this film causes. The first two pics are from a naked phone, the last two are with the protector on. As you can see, individual pixels (and subpixels on the full-sized images I had) are clearly visible on a naked phone, while they blur into each other with the AF film.

I had hope for this film, but perhaps the high-res screens just don't work as well with anti-glare films...


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close up of course there will be some "blur"
overall its not that bad at all. the matte glass feel is something no other protectors have.

ive also ordered the crystal clear and will compare myself..but very happy with the AF so far

Well.. it looks like a haze across the screen from normal viewing distances.. Keep blinking a few times every time I turn on the screen to make sure it's not my eyes. The close-up pics just confirm that it is actually blurry and not just an illusion or something.. :/

Like I said, that's not what my experience has been with anti-glare protectors in the past.
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