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Accessories Steinheil Crystal Clear Review


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May 2, 2010
I just switched to the Crystal Clear after trying the AF.

The screen is def crystal clear, looks the same as if its not there at all.

It seems to attract lint/dust more. At least it is more noticable.
However, it seems to do a great job on fingerprints. The only time I can see any smudges is if I turn the screen off and look from an angle.

The biggest downside is that the screen is less smooth. Alot harder to swype.
I have not notice any rainbow effect at all. I also used the dot on my camera lens although I got a tiny bit of dust under it. It doesnt affect the camera quality since the focal length is so far away.

I think I'll trade harder swyping for a crystal clear screen. I'm very happy with its fingerprint performance.
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*Looking through room's trash can for the dot...*

lol x2... it's gonna be tricky. I just threw it away not thinking I'd use it. Thats a great idea though. Oh well.

After only about 30 minutes of using the Crystal Clear, I'm getting used to the difference in feel vs. no protector. I was leaning towards the anti-fingerprint the last few weeks, but because of bad reviews on this forum, decided to go with crystal clear. So far I like it. Installation wasn't too bad (on the second try), but I messed up the first one so bad it had a bunch of dust I couldn't get rid of so I had to pitch it in the garbage as well. Second time worked without a hitch.

The only thing is I wish it would have lined up better with the track ball. IDK why they have you start at the top of the screen, who cares if that part is out of line?! Now, my protector is a tiny bit off line with the track ball and it's very noticable when using it. Oh well, I hardly use it anyhow because my body glove case makes it hard to get to anyways.

Overall I give it a solid B+.. but I may give it an A- once I get used to the increased resistance on the screen or it wears off.
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*Looking through room's trash can for the dot...*

I too have installed mine and have no complaints. I did the steamy bathroom trick and installed in less than 5 minutes. I uses tape to lift a few times and another piece of tape to remove the dust. Also used a can of air as well.

With regards to the "dot", i opened mine and it went flying somewhere. Honestly didnt think too much about it as i'm trying to get the shield on so i can get out of the hot bathroom.

I did find the dot the next day....stuck to my a$$ cheek. :eek:

Apparently it landed face up on the toilet seat...a one in a million shot.
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actually, I screwed up my first one. the AF (I got) didnt have the extra protective film on top of the main film. I didnt realize there were three layers and in the process got dust all over it. I can probably wash it or something and use it in the future I guess.

As for the dot, I dont know where the dot from my first one went. easy to lose I guess.
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I had to go dig around for my two dots. I threw them away because it was 'blue' so I assumed it wasn't usable for anything. I only recently realized it was the blue sheet that never came off of the actual shield. So yeah. Had to dig through the garbage. Found one and applied it to my phone. Could not find the other that went with the boyfriend's phone. And then a lightbulb went off and I looked inside the box the shields came in and it was stuck to the inside of it! yay! Now my ocd side won't have to buy a 2nd pack just for the stinkin' dot.
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I ended up buying one of each Steinheil. Put the AF on first, and just thought it blurred the screen too much for my taste. Lots of people love it though and say if you give it a few days you won't even notice. So I guess if you have the luxury, try out one of each and see which you like. Weigh out pros and cons of having each.
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