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Help Stock Music Player not finding music


Deleted User

Hi all

My music (in mainly ogg and wma format which are on the "supported files" list for the DHD) is on my SD card under sd/musicfolders but my stock music player doesn't seem to be able to find it. I play my music using PowerAmp Pro which works fine but need the stock player to use the files in other applications e.g. make ringtones etc.

Can anyone help me with how I fix this?


I'm 99% certain it was the "no media" file that was causing the problem but I couldn't find it when I searched using file explore via my laptop or directly on the phone. I know it was there as it flashed up when I was moving some music around saying the file already existed in the music folder.

In the end I deleted all the music from my SD card (including the music folder) and reloaded it from my back up drive in a new folder; not ideal but only way around it I could find. Happily this has fixed it :)
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