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Stock vanilla ROM on HTC Desire. Is it possible?

I'm new to the forums and also new to android. I picked up a HTC Desire a few days ago. I've been playing around with it and the Sense UI on the device.

I noticed that there is not much free space on the internal storage. I think like 170MB was free when i got it, cant fully remember. So i was thinking of 2 options to get around this.

I read about rooting and it seems like an easy process as long as it goes right. As the phone is new i'm worried to try anything that could mess it up. i heard about a random brick which occurs while flashing which is putting me off. After i root i would need to install apps2sd but i heard that also can go wrong so im reluctant to try that either... Can anyone tell me if they had problems rooting or messed up their Desire while rooting?

The other option i thought of would be to install the stock android 2.1 or the Nexus One ROM on the device as im guessing Sense UI takes up a lot of space and having the stock ROM/Nexus would free up space for me and hopefully not require apps2sd.

Thanks in advance and i hope that somone can point me in the right direction.


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