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SuRoot!! Help with LG Optimus S LS670 2.2.2 (specifically)


Aug 29, 2011
First, please do not reply if your response will not help me. i dont want to get confused with 1000 different "maybe" or completely irrelevent answers.

1: Im extremely new to all this so bare with me, as i've been all over the internet searching for answers and always got diferent answers for diferent phones, some worked, some didnt.......that being said, i have an LG Optimus S LS670. i've been looking into rooting the phone, but not sure i really want or need to.....yet. what i REALLY want to do is move and run apps from the sd card. from what i understand, theres a way to do this without rooting? if this is true i'd like to know how please.

2: also, there are some functions on my phone i'd like to keep if i did decide to root. if i root, will i lose the ability to use my phone as a wifi hotspot? i know there are apps for this but i dont want to take the chance that sprint can or will somehow find out, then i have to pay more......so i'd prefer to just keep that part legal. currently sprint has an unlimited internet plan which is what i pay for, have to pay extra for the hotspot tho, so im wondering if they wouldnt find out at all because i have unlimited anyways..........if thats the case i def want to root and tether. if they can't find out through data usage then i would like to know how to root....step by step, but for my Optimus ls670 2.2.2 specifically......pls dont tell me how you did it on a different phone. also, it seems by rooting you can expand the ammount of apps on the phone over not rooting? does this happen automatically, once rooted? thanks in advance for any help i might recieve!!

I have read SuRoots FAQ's and Guides but thats for HTC.


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