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Sync troubles on Samsung Galaxy S3/AT&T

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Does everything else sync as far as calendar, or adding/editing contacts?
Perhaps stop the sync, then wait a while, then re enable the sync.? Just a thought. Is it just an email sync? And do you use gmail or another email?
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To Mikestoney,
Thank you for the suggestion, however that is something I have already tried but found it to be of no use. My problem is with the sync for my Samsung account it self. I can't use the sync all function but I can sync my individual email accounts. I have to periodically sync my AOL account, since there is no push application for AOL email for Android phones.I use the AOL account for personal email. Due to no push for AOL and problems with sync, I sometimes, don't get my emails in a timely manner. This is rather long explanation, but it better explains my trouble I hope? Thanks for any help you can give me with this.
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