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Help Synching contacts from Google to phone


Sep 1, 2011
I have looked through the forums but cannot find this so please bear with me.

When I got my SG II I copied all my contacts from my old phone onto the sim card, put that in my SG II and then found that all my contacts had three entries. I couldn't find a way to merge them all and the individual join method wasn't really what I wanted either.. didn't fancy doing that to every one of them for starters. Also individually deleting them seemed too long winded.

Anyway, I synched the contacts with my Google account which had no contacts in it and then used the contacts manager on the pc to merge and then and delete any I no longer wanted or those that hadn't merged properly. So I now have a perfect set of contacts on Google. How do I now get those onto my phone... if I use the sync option on the phone will all the contacts on the phone be replaced by the merged ones on Google or will I be left with an even worse duplication problem? Do I delete the contacts on my phone and then sync.. this seems most likely but will it have any effect on the messages sent by those contacts? Will they also dissapear?

New to Android so sorry for the newb question.



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