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T-Mobile/Assurant denied Insurance claim - am I screwed?

A few months ago my phone had broke (It apparently slipped out of my pocket when I got in my car...and lucky me...I ran it over)... I didnt have the money for the $150 insurance deductible so I waited until i did. last month I called Assurant (T-Mobile's insurance) and they denied my claim because it happened months ago and I apparently had a 30 day window I was unaware of). I just didnt call because I never had the money until now. Anyway, it was denied. I had been paying insurance on the phone, the JUMP! $, PLUS the phone line all this time even though i wasnt using it. I switched to an older phone now. I am unable to JUMP! anymore either from this phone OR my broken one because of my claim.

So what happens? I am just screwed?? That is BS. I am considering cancelling/switching carriers but wanted to give them one last try. Otherwise, I will just go back to VZ or someone. My wife's phone is also on the account.

Am I able to switch her phone to something else, and give me her phone - and then jump her phone which is still able to be jumped (as in, the old one I give her...) or is the JUMP! on the actual phone itself (phone vs her line). That way I could get her Samsung S5 (which is what I HAD)....then she can take this refurb Nexus 5 of mine and jump? Or like I said, is it on the actual PHONE....and I am just screwed?
Worse comes to worse I guess I am cancelling the JUMP! AND Insurance on my lines since they are useless to me - although they seem so willing to keep charging for something i cant even use .

Is there any other way around to getting a new phone?
Why would you tell them anything other than, "I just dropped my phone" and need a new one?

What is "Jump" ?
If you have a contract, another carrier may offer to pay off your current contractual obligation.

I've been with Verizon for 20+ years, and only used the insurance 1 time, back then, it was a $50 deductible for a $50 phone.... I dropped insurance coverage, and always just buy my phones used...

Insurance, for the most part, is a loosing game.
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This may seem dumb but do you have home insurance? Check with your insurance company because "some" (Not all) policies cover cell phones. I never knew but some people in other forums have stated they were covered. I'm not even sure if mine is covered lol because I haven't checked.

I agree with AZ...I never buy phone insurance. Deductibles as high as $150-$200? Not even worth it, esp paying what $7-$10/month???
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I apparently had a 30 day window I was unaware of)

All exclusions, including time limits on making claims, should be clearly stated in the policy document. If not then you may well have cause for complaint to the insurance company.

Insurance, for the most part, is a losing game.

The same could be said for any insurance... until one needs to claim. It also depends on the policy; not all cover is equal. :)
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Um if your still paying for insurance on a phone it should still be covered. Just file another one. Drop it again and be like its worse or you didn't notice the crack at first until now and the bigger one is crazy as the phone is now completely unusable compared to before it might have been usable first time you dropped it.
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