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T-mobile or Cricket best for me? (Minnesota)


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Feb 17, 2014
So i have absolutely had it with virgin mobile, they say i get LTE in my area on the map (55021 zip) but i absolutely do not. I was gonna go with T-mobile but then heard about cricket and it seems like an amazing deal, especially with the 10 dollars off with two lines and no taxes/fees. Just would like some opinions here, cricket would be about 20 dollars cheaper for similar plans on two lines.

Also almost forgot, i can get a moto-g for 79.99 on cricket, on t-mobile id have to spend 179.99 for the same phone on amazon.
I had same issue with lte in hilton , ny so I went with $30 walmart t-mobile lte plan, with 5 gb. Cricket/at&t has more extensive coverage. If you spend most of your time near major population areas, then t-mobile is great. You can get talk/text roaming on at&t network, plus wi-fi calling, text, data . If you travel a lot, then you might play it safer with cricket. As for the cost difference, you have to decide if that is large enough to matter to you.
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I dont leave town a whole lot, 55021 is the zip i will be in most times. Here is the main problem i run into with virgin/sprint: I watch a LOT of twitch tv on my mobile, and in the car i can start off with 4g near my house by two blocks later 4g drops and i have to lower the video quality to get it to even play. Second problem is i use my phone a lot on wifi to watch twitch at point in my house and i obviously want it on high quality, so its a constant switching back and forth of video quality. I want to be able to leave it on high at all times, which requires me to get a good 4g signal all over my town. I just wish i knew who offered the best coverage in my town lol.
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So you think maybe cricket is better for me? I dont live near the twin cities im about an hour south, tmobile says i get 4glte fine on their coverage map but cricket has an even wider area. This is so hard to figure out lol, all i KNOW is that sprint/virgin is absolute crap in my area, i just tested 4g lte speedtest and got 3.5mb's download and 2.2 upload.....isnt that slower than most carriers 4g (non LTE) speeds? And sprints 3g speeds are laughable, like less than 1mb's lol. Either way i know ill be happier than i am with virgin.
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I can't speak for your area or location, but I can tell you that I made the move to Cricket about 6 Months ago after being with Sprint for 15 plus years, and it was the best move I made. There have not been many places where I have not got coverage that superseded Sprints coverage. ;)

Also Cricket just added another 500 MB free of monthly Data on their Smart plan, now giving you a total of 3GB unlimited data on LTE or 4G, and balance of the month throttle to 3G. For me, I recommend them,
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