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Root [T-Mobile] please help me on which ROM to install on my t-mobile Samsung S3 sgh-t999


Sep 19, 2010
I am new to rooting and roms. I have rooted my phone. As I search for a Rom to install , I understand how to install BUT my concern and confusion is to which Rom file is correct to use. All the ones I find are for Samsung galaxy s3 I9300 and warnings state only use on that specific phone. Is there a difference on I9300 and my sgh-t999? I really don't want to brick my phone. My goal is to remove bloatware and improve little glitches like screen load and battery life.... which I found that omega might work just really confused on which Rom file is safe for my phone. Please can anyone help me with this?
There are differences. Dont flash a rom for an international or another carrier on your tmobile. A great rom I was running was FreeGS3. Bloatware removed, fast, reliable. Right now I am running AOKP, it's very stable but still has some minor glitches. FreeGS3 runs perfectly and retains the TW ui. AOKP is completely different.
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Running Wicked V7. So far so good! Only problem I try to fix is the sound is getting weird sometimes. I was told to flash a new kernel or making my lowest cpu power to 702.. seems to works but I feel that i use much more battery. Other wise awesome rom. They are currently working on Jelly bean roms now I tried one but I better liked the ICS one. (Wicked V7)
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