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Help Terraclicks virus on chrome


Feb 26, 2015
I recently got a new samsung galaxy s6 and within my first few weeks of owning it have picked up a virus on the Google chrome app. The virus often redirects me to random pages and I cannot go back to the previous page. I don't understand how my phone could've picked up this problem so quickly. As far as I can tell it is only effecting the Google chrome app. I have tried uninstalling it but it comes with the phone meaning the most I can do is disable it which didn't help. The URL often reads something about terraclicks which I have googled but failed to find a solution to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
It's less likely a virus than an ad redirect related to the website you've been going to. Try going to a different website and see if it still occurs. Or does it occur on all websites? If it does, it's also possible an app you installed has browser hijack ads. There are no such things as viruses on your phone. Things like this can only come from something you agreed to have installed on your phone
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