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Help tethering on original droid w vzw


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Nov 19, 2009
i have pdanet for tethering and just noticed that there is a tethering option in settings menu?

I have had this phone since it came out last nov, before froyo. i remember hearing that froyo had native tethering?

pls don't tell me to root, i don't want to tdo that.

Do I still need pdanet to tether without rooting, or can it be done natively now?

I have a weird situation with using the native USB tethering. I can use it fine with no redirects on my phone that's rooted and running Chevys SS 4.8. My friend, who's Droid I rooted and just left the latest vanilla 2.2 (FRGxxx I forgot the numbers) with Chevy's LV 1 GHz kernel gets re-directed to Verizons tether page when he tries to use the native USB tether, so he's forced to use PdaNet.

I guess because we're running different ROMs and Chevy somehow unlocked the native USB tethering..? I never saw this specified in his release notes though.

Another weird thing is that before I rooted and used PdaNet, I could still access https/SSL sites with the free version and of course my friend cant (as the dev specifies about the free version). I dunno why that would be either..?
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i believe the one in chevys rom is not the native version. i have seen it in many roms. it does however work in much the same way. i have this app saved with tb and restore it with other roms when they don't incorporate it.

as for pda net it has nothing to do with rooting. the free version will only allow you to access those sites for 30 days then your trial expires. either use the pay version or re download the free version.
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