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Text Message Deletion on the Eris


Dec 19, 2009

I recently got the Droid Eris a couple of weeks ago, and so far I love it. The Eris is my first smart phone, so it naturally took some getting used to. But now that I've got most of its features down, I enjoy my phone quite a bit.

I'm a really avid texter, with an average of a thousand collected texts a day, most of them naturally being from my girlfriend. But I've come across a really big problem of the Eris having no limit on the number of texts it can hold, and with no auto-text deletion option.

So, long story short, I'm going on three thousand texts in one thread, with no way to delete them since the thread deletion option just freezes my phone and forces me to restart it, with no effects on the texts after the phone is back on. I'll let you imagine what this does to the memory of the phone, and the insane lag issues that accompany it, especially when trying to text within the thread.

I've investigated this and gathered (just from what I could gather) that there's really no kind of solution to this problem short of just wiping the entire phone and restoring it to its factory default, or simply manually deleting every text message until the messaging application can delete the remaining texts in the thread by itself. The second is obviously more preferable, but it would take hours to do that. However, I'm prepared to do so (and be sure to delete each thread in the future every time they reach about 100 texts), but I'm posting this in one last ditch effort to see if there's any alternative.

And please don't reply with accusations of me being lazy or stupid for letting the texts get this far out of hand. Believe me, I know. But in my defense, you would think HTC could implant a basic texting feature of auto deletion/text limit on a smartphone. But I guess not.

At any rate, help would be deeply appreciated.
This might help....

Delete Old Messages (JADS Limited)

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