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The Best Android Phones

The Optimus S was really a great choice back before Sprint implemented their new $10/month smartphone adder (on 1/30/11). Back in January, I wrote a hands-on review comparing it to the Samsung Transform. I bought 4 Optimus S's for me and my family a few hours before the $10 smartphone adder deadline so that we'd be grandfathered in on the lower monthly pricing. To me, it wasn't worth extra ($10/month x 4 phones=) $40/month for 4G service. But if I had to buy a phone on Sprint now (and I had to pay the $10/months smartphone adder fee), I'd spend a bit more money and get one of the more powerful, flash-capable, video-conferencing-capable 4G phones.
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It's not a piece of crap. It's a surprisingly solid, usable phone... for all the reasons mentioned in this thread and pretty much every review that's been done on the phone.

People say you shouldn't ever apologize. I think you should apologize when you do something stupid... or, even better, don't do stupid stuff. So your apology has been accepted.
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I’m sure the Optimus has several inadequacies when compared to established powerhouse phones, but for someone like me, being lured from a state-of-the-art (2002) Samsung i500 to the wonders of Android with a free phone, I’d say they have hit their target -- namely, to release an irresistable introduction to the bleeding edge.
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