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The best headset for the Samsung Galaxy S4?


Jun 21, 2017
For a Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGH-1337 AT&T) what is currently the best ‘Hands Free Over the Ear Wireless Headset’ that I can depend on? Especially for the voice command programs. For years I’ve encountered countless people “on the go” not only carrying on a conversation wireless with their smartphone, also directing the device with voice commands on the small device snug around their ear. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
for me, after years of trying different Blue Tooth devices, I am using a Trucker's Headset made by BlueParrott.

the latest model is just absolutely fantastic, great range, good recovery if you walk out of range, and then back in range.

great bass response for what it is.... I am partially deaf, 30 dB down in one ear, 25 dB down in the other.

this headset sounds "very normal" to me, and has more than enough audio power to overcome outside noises.... it has a Noise Canceling microphone.

I use the '350' model, there is one better a '450' but have not used it yet. was not available when I bought my 350.

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